Comission Prices

*Friend Code (Nintendo): 2449-5048-9638

*SKYPE: ringleaderrio-rio

*Gameloft ID: RingleaderRioRio

DOB: 12-05-????
(...I'm not allowing ANYONE to know my age...)

Hello! My name is Ringleader Rio-Rio!

I draw MLP, Homestuck, Pokémon, Nintendo, and PowerPuff Girls (including PPGZ)

I am a self-taught anime/cartoon artist who is well experienced in drawing both humans and ponies. Also I'm trying to figure out how to make landscapes, fashion, inanimate objects, and other creatures as well... But for the most part, I just enjoy making wacky pony drawings for now...

Oh! And before anyone starts getting any ideas..... THIS IS NOT A CLOP OR NSFW PAGE....yet.... XD

And PLEASE! ...Don't be shy... Trust me... I'm not one of those snobbish popular pony artists who will only draw their friends and other popular artists (...well not anymore...) but I do like to try and draw the not-so-popular pony OCs...
I plan on doing pay pal commissions further into the future, but that's only for when I'm a little older, and a little more experienced.... I mean, I do have a lot of experience, but I would like to get better.... Just enough to blow the popular artists away... >:D
LOL Just kidding.....

But as of now I will only be accepting Art Trades okay?

Please follow me,
and be my best friend,
Come join my circus,
untill the very end...

... I promise you won't be disappointed....

Commission Info:
art trade: FREE
line art: $5.00
flat color: $10.00
black & white: $15.00
full color: $20.00



Ben: How did I get this..


Rio: *in panic* OH CRUD NO!!!!!! I-I-I’m so sorry Mister Ben…. I didn’t mean to hurt you…. I really REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IIIIIIT~!!!!!!! T^T